Rudy's Intervention - The Sugarman 3

from the album What The World Needs Now (2012)

Saturday night, my funky friends and I gathered to spin some records that we've been groovin' on lately.  One that hit the spot was What The World Needs Now by The Sugarman 3.

The Sugarman 3 are a Brooklyn-based instrumental soul band. They are grandmasters of vibe and tone.  Close your eyes you'll swear your listening to vintage wax.  This is the kind of thick, soul groove you found at a pre-Woodstock 1960's house party with just enough Memphis juke-joint, booty-grindin' funk to keep things interesting.

You know the party, women wearing spectacular prints and guys are drinking Dewars and Vodka Gimlets.  There are ashtrays and people are talking about space travel.  And the music playing is instrumental soul and jazz, mixed with latin grooves for those ready to do the bugaloo.

Track One on this record is Rudy's Intervention.  The song starts with the punch of a New York City horn section, that falls back into the laid-back soul vibe of bass, guitar, drums, and Hammond organ. Then the horns come right back at you, before all these great sounds unselfishly come together and take turns, stepping forward, settling back, and filling the aural spectrum with three minutes of hot-buttered exultation. Imagine Booker T. & The MGs playing Hip Hug Her accompanied by some NYC horns.   Every beat, every note, and every tone is on the spot. Bravo to the band, the engineers, and the producers.  This is a great record.

Do yourself a big favor and check out Daptone Records.  This Brooklyn label is making some of the best music in the world today.

Click Here to listen to Rudy's Intervention.

Click Here to watch the video "A Closer Look At The Sugarman 3" and learn more about this very special band.


  1. Rudy’s intervention – My oh my, but what could this hip guy need from his immediate friends but more of that driving locomotion of brass and train wreck of a rush of keys from the Hammond B3. What funky cloud has darkened his day to the point that he needs redemption? How does the funk do anything but un-gunk one’s life? Was Rudy just being too cool, or did he just let the tune drive his ruin, thus the need for intervention.

    Regardless, if my friends showed up with such funkiness about them they would be danced to an oblivious frenzy, not leaving until the funk once again intervened.

  2. Perhaps Rudy was a up and coming musician who got caught up in the wrong crowd, playing the wrong genre - maybe even rap - and the band is intervening with this song to save his SOUL.


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