Run To Your Mama - Goat

from the album World Music (2012)

Once upon a time, I spent my share of Sunday nights at a place called Ed's Bay Pub in Hampton Bays, New York.  The special attraction on these summer nights was a masked shamen called The Maloney Man. Over a cacophony of african rhythms, The Maloney Man hollowed out a giant watermelon, filled it with ice, champagne, lots of vodka, and other spirits.  He then held the watermelon up to the Gods, before offering it as communion to his pagan parishioners.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, he broke the watermelon over his head. Pretty weird, but lots of fun.

Goat is an underground Swedish band that takes this concept to a whole other level.  The band claims to hail from the tiny village of Korpilombolo in the northernmost reaches of their homeland.  Here they have build their own Glocca Morra dedicated to Voodoo Worship and Psychedelic Mysticism.  And on this sacred ground, they create wonderful music.

Amongst these songs is Run To Your Mama, a tune that I am particularly attracted to.  To me, this song sounds like Jane's Addiction with Perry Farrell replaced by two masked Goat Women. I revel in the power chords over tribal beats and a disco bass line.  I also enjoy the lyrics, in which the Goat Women are smacking down some immature dude with lines like "Lightning in the sky / Boy you better run to your mama now."

This band is pretty far out there.  I hope you dig them.

Click Here to watch them perform the song at Supersonic 2012 in Birmingham, England last October. Am I the only one who finds the silhouettes of an aroused Basset Hound behind the stage disturbing?

Click Here to listen to the recorded version.