Runnin' - Sinkane

from the album Mars (2012)

I dig the grit of 1970's funk and soul.  I think of Isaac Hayes and the Theme from "Shaft" with its opening hi-hat and funked up guitar track.  It blows my mind.  Then there is Curtis Mayfield playing Freddy's Dead (Theme from "Superfly") with its hi-hat opening, deep bass groove, and Curtis' sweet falsetto.  Talk about great music. Where did it go?

It went to Brooklyn and manifests itself in the music of Sinkane. Listen to the song Runnin' from Mars album, and there you are, riding dirty in your Monte Carlo down Atlantic Avenue at midnight. Right from the first note of funky guitar, followed by the falsetto and hi-hat beat, it is all there for you to get your groove on. Praise to Sinkane for bringing back this vibe.

I dig everything about this song.  The vocals, the wah-wah, the keyboards.  It is just incredible.  Had I heard it a week sooner, it would have made my Top 10 list.

Sinkane's real name is Ahmed Gallab.  Born in Sudan, Sinkane bounced around the world before winding up in Brooklyn.  You hear the various influences in his music.  Brooklyn is the perfect place for him to land.  It is the mecca of diversity in new music.

Click Here for the official music video.

Click Here for an acoustic version recorded in The Netherlands six weeks ago.  It shows the quality of the musicianship


  1. I really get how this could have made the top 10. This is a great tune. It is filled with a passion for the moment. Music like the painted art has always tracked the times and pointed our minds to the methodical madness in the world around us.

    Great music makes us aware!


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