Well You Better - Yo La Tengo

from the album Fade (2013)

Once upon a time, a good friend took me to a club in Hoboken, New Jersey to check out a hot, new band he had read about.  The band was Yo La Tengo.  That night marked the first time I saw a band of such high calibre in such a small venue.  It amazed me that the band was hanging out at the bar before taking the stage.  It was my indoctrination into a world that I have been frequenting ever since.

A few years later, the album Fakebook was released.  It remains one of my favorite records to this day.  I particularly enjoyed songs like Griselda and Yellow Sarong, that were played with an innocent pop spirit.  It is this side of Yo La Tengo that I continue to identify with.  Over the years, there is usually a song or two on each album that hooks me.  One particular song, My Little Corner Of The World, from the album I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One, is on my desert island mix.

So when Fake, the band's thirteenth album, was released this week, I gave the record a spin knowing I would find that simple pop song that would brighten my day.  And there it was, Track Three, Well You Better.

The song's introduction with minimal keyboard over a noisy backdrop did not clue me in right away, but 18 seconds into the tune the bass line kicked in, followed by hi-hat and rhythm guitar.  There it was, the Yo La Tengo pop sound.  Add in the soft vocals, instrumental riffs, and a few twist and turns, and I am back in that same happy place I've been visiting, off and on, for the past twenty years.

It is great to be back.  Thanks Yo La Tengo for all your great music.

Click Here to watch the band play My Little Corner Of The World during an in-store performance at Aquarius Records in San Francisco three years ago.  I will add a link to Well You Better once one becomes available.

Click Here to visit the band's website.  The home page has two videos from the new record.