Cave Man - La Big Vic

from the album Cold War (2013)

A bass player friend of mine once shared his perspective on why people dance to some bands and not others:  "People don't choose to dance, they are commanded to it."  He continued along the lines of ... "It all starts with the beat.  When the drummer locks into a steady beat at the right tempo, you notice that the people start to tap their feet.  Too fast or too slow and it doesn't happen."

"Once they have the beat, the listener picks up on the groove.  This is typically established by the bass player (in his genre).  A repetitive, incisive groove anchored by the right beat turns the foot tapping into body swaying.  From there, the bass player and drummer add the right bounce and accents and people are instructed to dance.  All it takes from there are the right hooks and embellishment and you have a room full of leg shakers."

Cave Man is a new dance tune from Brooklyn-based La Big Vic that will certainly incite leg shaking.  This textured 1990's soundscape opens with etherial synthesizer bits quickly followed by electric piano and guitar laying down an intertwining double-helix of power chords that form the songs groove.  Enter the straight and steady dance beat and your body begins to move.  Embellishment comes from countless great synth and violin tracks.  The song is well structured, knowing when to climb to its celebratory crescendo, come down, then rise again with layers of hooks hitting you across the aural spectrum.

I particularly dig it as the songs goes into its chill down.  You can single out many of the hooks during this section.

The layering of vocals and harmonies add to this mountain of hooks.  Once this song hits full stride, there are easily a dozen hooks hitting at once while you are locked into the synth beat and piano-guitar groove.  Thou art commanded to dance.

On an interesting side note, Peter Pearson - who plays synthesizers in the band - also works as an apprentice to Jeff Blenkinsopp, who is Pink Floyd's live sound producer.  Cool gig.

Click Here to listen to Cave Man by La Big Vic on SoundCloud.


  1. I am sorry it took me two whole days to listen to this.
    I never thought I was ever "commanded" to move. I mean, who or what tells a girl from New York to DO anything?? I thought my higher thought processes (and booze) were usually in control whenever I decided to get on a dance floor, or the living room carpet, as it were. I thought that if I heard a good bass line, etc., it was a conscious decision. Heck, no. I now understand it to be a command that certain body parts just....move.

    Huh...the autonomic nervous system at it's best. 28 years in the medical profession. Who the hell knew? Apparently some bass player dude I've never met.

  2. It might make you feel better to know that this bass player dude say that once you get them moving, it is hard to make them stop. And if they are drinking...

  3. Well...thanks for that validation... I knew there was a reason for it.

    The enlightenment is just never ending! Should call you Father 40 Watt...

    May the bass be with you.

  4. Better late to the party than not to attend! The syncopation and the bass line are just moving. This is truly a song that would move the body without the minds intervention; however, I would prefer the suggestion of the mood and the moment to have opportunity to share the dance with another. But, I see (or just felt) how this song pulls one to their feet.


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