Don't Get Too Comfortable - Ruthie Foster

from the EP Keep It Burning (2013)

With every release, Ruthie Foster builds a legacy of great American music.  Her magnificent voice has an amazing quality to cross genres without skipping a beat.  Regardless if its Folk, Blues, R&B, or Gospel, this West Texas native has a very special gift.  If you are not familiar with her, please check out the songs Phenomenal Woman and Death Came A-Knockin' (Travelin' Shoes) for a quick introduction.  You will hear shades of Aretha Franklin and Odetta in these records.

Her album Let It Burn is nominated for Best Blues Album at the Grammy Awards this weekend.  Last month, she released an EP titled Keep It Burning that consists of four tracks that were omitted from the Grammy nominated release.  It includes Don't Get To Comfortable, a duet with Stax music legend William Bell.

It is great to hear Ruthie Foster's voice over a soul vibe.  Her phrasing sounds excellent in this genre.  I particularly like the way it helps convey the meaning of key words in the lyric.  I also dig the way it blends with William Bell to form a memorable duet.  He is an old pro and sounds as good as ever.

The band also deserves credit.  The bass line particularly stands out, as do the keyboard tracks.  Of special note is the saxophone solo that closes the song with a full, rich tone that is beautifully recorded.  Let's hear it for the band...

Click Here to listen to Don't Get To Comfortable on Ruthie Foster's My Space page.

Click Here to watch Ruthie Foster and William Bell perform a rendition of William Bell's You Don't Miss Your Water at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia.

Click Here to watch Phenomenal Woman performed live at Antone's in Austin, Texas.

Click Here to watch Death Come A-Knockin' performed at the 2010 Mile High Blues Festival in Denver, Colorado.


  1. There is always a place in the playlist for this type of music, as it reflects the rhythm of our lives. Man + Woman, everything else is inconsequential in the scheme of all things. Get the grove right with the one you love and the world takes the shape that your love molds.


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