Für Hildegard Von Bingen - Devendra Banhart

from the forthcoming album Mala (2013)

I am not certain which is more exciting, that a new Devendra Banhart album is being released in two weeks or that he has written a song for Hildegard Von Bingen.

Hildegard Von Bingen was an amazing woman who thrived in the 12th century.  She wrote books on botany and medicine.  She composed beautiful music that has survived to this day.  She was a strong advocate of holistic medicine, as well as the empowerment of women.  She accomplished these things as a Benedictine Nun, and was put on the path to sainthood by the pope in 2012.

For those not familiar with Devendra Banhart, you need to check him out.  He is a kind of freaky folk dude who got into low-fi recording as a student at the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 1990's, dropped out, and realized success in the music industry. He has made some great records. Carmensita, Long Haired Child, and Chinese Children are my favorites.

This song is all about the vibe.  It has a downtempo beat with a cool rhythm that counterbalances the vocal line.  The song tells the story of a spiritual woman who leaves her congregation to find work as a radio DJ.  Along the way we are treated to enticing vocal, guitar, and keyboard stylings.

I dig this tune because the vibe hooks me and because it is written for Hildegard Von Bingen.  Hopefully it will promote awareness of this remarkable woman.

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