Planet Phrom - Ducktails

from the album The Flower Lane (2013)

Sometimes the song picks you.  Last week, I was in an indie music store and was drawn to The Flower Lane by Ducktails.  The store manager gave a smile of approval and asked if I wanted to take a listen.  I did.  As the disc loaded, I subconsciously jumped to Track Five, Planet Phrom.  It hooked me from the opening notes.

It is a straight forward indie rock tune: bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, & vocals.  However, I kept listening to it wondering why I was so hooked.  Then I realized that this song does just about everything right.  The restrained tempo.  The hazy twang of the rhythm guitar.  The steady crack of the snare.  The semi-spoken vocal stylings. The restrained choice of notes in the guitar solo. The almost invisible bass groove.  The sustain on the keyboard that rises in the mix as the song fades.

But most of all, I dig the song's theme.  Planet Phrom seems like a pretty chill place, where you can hang with your alien wife under the groovy trees.  Singer Matthew Mondanile thinks it is paradise.  Who are we to disagree?  This seems like a far better place than you find in other "planet" songs, where headless people spend eternity surrounded by red trees.

Thank you for finding me, Planet Phrom.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Planet Phrom.


  1. I like planet songs

  2. Love the indie spirit of Art without the command of commercialization: This was a very good throw back to a group of guys in a garage, after a bowl of buds and a brew or two just grooving on the sci-fi of the moment.


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