Please Love Me - Liam Bailey

from the single Please Love Me (2012)

I enjoy putting together eclectic mixes of music.  I like to cut across several sub-genres and find the threads that tie great songs together.  Whenever I finish a new mix, I invite my funky friends over for a good listen.

As a result, I am always on the lookout for good tunes that cross genres.  Please Love Me is one of those songs.

Liam Bailey is a British musician who creates a fresh musical vibe by mixing elements of R&B and Soul with a hint of early Jamaican ska.  I find the sound to be a hip London vibe that I quite like. Last year, he released the single Please Love Me in the United States on Truth and Soul Records, yet another Brooklyn-based indie music label that continually puts out great music.

This song hooks me from the introduction.  The lead guitar picks a catchy, vintage guitar riff over a tight country shuffle.  A reggae rhythm guitar track enters along with the mellifluous falsetto of Liam Bailey.  This is topped off by simple harmonies and an orchestration that gives it an old-school R&B flavor.  This song sits at the intersection of several sounds I really dig.  Check it out.

Click Here to watch the music video.  Nice footage of Paris.