The Po-Po - Spanglish Fly

from the single Me Gusta Mi Bicicleta B/W The Po-Po (2012)

Spanglish Fly is a Brooklyn band largely responsible for the boogaloo revival that is steadily gaining traction across NYC.  The band came about when Jonathan Goldman (a.k.a. DJ Johnny Semi-Colon, who also serves as bandleader and trumpet player) noticed how audiences grooved to the old Latin Boogaloo records he would spin in the clubs.  So he put together this 11-piece outfit that now records for Electric Cowbell Records.

The Po-Po by Spanglish Fly is a boogaloo party tune that is mostly an instrumental, except for the a lot of "street chatter" and singers who intermittently chime in with great lyrics about police harassment, centering around the catch line: "The Po-Po they're coming."  That line has been bouncing around my brain since before the holidays.

Last week in Memphis, I was with a group of friends drinking beer and doing Crown shots in a soul food restaurant.  A gaggle of police entered and took a table next to our spot at the bar.  I inadvertently blurted out "The Po-Po they're coming."  This earned a suspicious glance from one officer and a mix of condemnations and smirks from my friends.

I really dig the boogaloo for its one-two punch.  On one hand, you have the great rhythms coming from latin percussion instruments, such as congas, bongos, and timbales.  On the other hand, you have a large horn section consisting of saxophones, trumpets, and trombones blowing out great dance lines.  Anchoring these explosive sections is a piano and bass.  I particularly dig the piano tracks in boogaloo records, delivering syncopated chords that guide me thru the music.

This song has all those elements and more.  Hope you enjoy.

Click Here to listen to The Po-Po on SoundCloud.

Click Here to watch Spanglish Fly perform Latin Soul Stew.  It is a great opportunity to hear each of the instrumental elements as the sound evolves one player at a time.