Where The Whippoorwills Are Whispering Goodnight - The Black Twig Pickers

from the album Rough Carpenters (2013)

Inevitably, we reach an age where the people we love begin to die. It starts with our parents generation, then slowly obtrudes into our own.  Several of my friends are at a stage where their friends and lovers are passing.  It is a sad cycle, made uplifting by the way they embrace those they love.  What comfort it must bring.

Everything has its cycles.  Life.  Business.  Weather.  Music has many cycles.  There are some genres of popular music that last only a few years; while other, more rural styles, span centuries. Across these sylvan settings, people play and listen to their ancestral music.  It is a tie that binds.

The Black Twig Pickers are an Appalachian String band from southwestern Virginia.  What sets this group apart is its musicianship and ability to make the old sound new.  Their music has roots dating back to the early settlers.  Listening to them puts me on a mountain road, winding thru trees and time, past ghosts that dance to familiar rhythms.

Of all the songs on their fine new album, I am drawn to Where The Whippoorwills Are Whispering Goodnight.  With its sad cadence, sweet fiddles, and haunting melody, this cover of the Charlie Poole tune from 1930 strikes an inner chord that I never really knew existed.  It is a beautiful Appalachian instrumental.

Listening to it reminds me of all the whippoorwills I know who are whispering goodnight to someone they love.  Bless them.

Click Here to listen to a preview on the website for their record label, Thrill Jockey.


  1. Life is truly made of the love that we make, and we should all strive to share this with the ones that are our tribe. As the old pass as it should be through a seemingly divine plan, to the acceptance that sometimes there are those that are just taken before their time, we all accept that with mortality that there is no actual time. The clock stops, and you die. Sharing of music, a mood, a bottle of wine, these are the moments that culminate into what we know as our life - share that love with abandon and never hold back. Thanks to the 40 Watt Gigolo for honest humanity.

    1. It is hard to reply without sounding cliche', (cherish each moment, life's what you make it, you may not get tomorrow...etc), but cliche's were created, I guess, because it is paramount to being happy and appreciative of those "good" moments. And living in each moment, if nothing else, slows down that clock..

      I'd rather I wasn't a whipporwill, but that's not up to me. What IS up to me is the song I sing...and it's a sweet one, at least in this moment.

      Thank you 40 watt and " friends".


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