Coming Out Of The Fog - Arbouretum

from the album Coming Out Of The Fog (2013)

So, I have been having this yin-yang relationship with tempo lately. My obsessions have me running at a wicked pace, and I find myself perpetually wired when awake.  Part of me gets off on the thrill; the other is desperate to turn off the switch.  It is most difficult when I need sleep.

I do what I can to get my chill on, but it is usually exhaustion more than relaxation that shuts me down. Yet there are occasions when I am relaxed, when my processor enters hibernate mode, when I soak in the moment.

These are special times for me and downtempo tunes play an important role.  I have a tremendous fondness for these songs. They are more essential to me than their uptempo kin.

Coming Out Of The Fog is a song for your most tranquil times.  The sedated tempo, the beautiful song elements intertwining at extended wavelenghts, and the warmth of the tones remind me of what you might feel suspended underwater in a cool, mountain lake.  You can feel the vibrations of every instrument. The unhurried thud of the drum, the lifting chime of the electric piano, the gently strummed acoustic guitar, the upswelling lift of the slide guitar, and the clarity of the vocals that ring pure and clear. I lose myself in every one.

And one kind favor, if I am listening to this song, please just let me be.

Click Here to watch the music video.

Click Here to watch singer Dan Heumann perform the song acoustically.


  1. Torn about bothering you at the moment, as there is no way of knowing if you are yin-ing, or yanging. But wanted to say that when I do get a moment of tranquility, whatever the heck that is, I will appreciate this tune most appropriately.

    Take care, 40 watt...even though I feel you are the full blown 120 watts, I can't afford you burning out on us.

  2. My mother used to call me a Dim Wit.


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