Corazón Tatú - Los Amigos Invisibles

from the album Repeat After Me (2013)

Los Amigos Invisibles are a Venezuelan band who play a cool brand of Latin funk that mixes in a Talking Heads meet Bootsy Collins vibe.  It is infectious and fun.  Filter Magazine once described their sound as "One part '70's crime-drama keyboards, two parts porno flick bass-lines, a dash of groovy funk guitar riffs, and a glaze of hip shakin' Latin beats."  Nicely put.

I am digging the tune Corazón Tatú.  It is modern and fresh but has enough punk-eyed funk to remind me of the Bush Tetras or the Tom Tom Club.  It makes me want to roll down the windows and head for the beach.  Someone pick the parking field...

Check these guys out, they'll make you feel good.

Click Here to watch a live version of the song.  The sound quality of the recording is poor, so do your self a favor and check it out on iTunes, et al.


  1. Si, me gusta esto. Y campo cinco esta bien. Vamos.

    Tom Tom I have to go listen to them. They were great.

    You're not such a dim wit.

  2. Theresa, Do yourself a favor and check out the song "Too Many Creeps" by The Bush Tetras. They were the best band that nobody remembers from that era.

  3. Whaaat?

    So how come WLIR didn't intro me to these guys? Were they too punky/funky? I think so, though the song reminds me of early B-52s, tho funkier. Or possibly I was just too busy being stupid at that age. Either way, it's good stuff!! Thanks for telling me! That was a favor worth doing to myself...

    Ok, that came out wrong.



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