Gone Cold - Clutch

from the album Earth Rocker (2013)

For their tenth album - Earth Rocker - Clutch made a conscious effort to expand beyond their trademark jam metal sound to claim the mantle of "a damn good rock and roll band."  They succeeded.

After being turned on to the new album by one of my funkiest friends, I kept circling back to the song Gone Cold.  I am immediately drawn to the downtempo blues vibe, carried by the drumming of Jean-Paul Gaster.  The shuffling brushes and steady opening and closing of the hi-hat lay down the song's foundation.  It is pretty cool to learn that his drumming influences for the brushing are Earl Palmer's work with Professor Longhair and Brian Downey of Thin Lizzy.  It is an unlikely pairing that makes perfect sense once you listen to the tune.

The downtempo vibe also gives me a great appreciation for the quality of this band's musicianship.  The quality of the guitar work, with its precision and attention to a swampy tone that suits the song, leave me singing along with the riffs.

And then there are the vocals of Neil Fallon.  The spoken verses are reminiscent of a Leonard Cohen arrangement, that shifts into a magnificently sung chorus.  His deep, masculine voice rings clear and true as he sings "My heart has gone, I've gone cold" counterbalanced by the previously mentioned guitar riff.

Great care has been taken to craft this song.  Everything is thoughtfully mapped out and skillfully executed, bringing out the best in each musician.  I dig it.

Click Here to listen to the album version.

Click Here to listen to an abbreviated live version.


  1. They are truly a triple threat. The sound, the voice, the lyrics are all top shelf. Clutch!!!


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