Help You Mend - Bobby Long

from the album Wishbone (2013)

Although most poets I have known are elitists and reprobates, not worth the foam on my ale, I have great admiration for the craftsmanship of the poet.  The poet understands the significance and nuance of words and how they capture and express our inner truths, enriching our understanding of the human experience.  Poets take great care in selecting each word, forming each line, and editing each verse. It is a painstaking task that, in the hands of a master, can create the highest form of expression.

Bobby Long is a British singer/songwriter - currently based in NYC - who, aside from being a fine musician, is also a skilled poet.  Last May he released Losing My Brotherhood, a collection of poems about love, loss, and other universal emotions.  It is a very thoughtful collection that I quite enjoy.  The same application of craft that he applies to his poetry is also applied to his new album, Wishbone.

The song I dig most on Wishbone is Help You Mend.  This song delivers a beautiful message of friendship and caring for those you love above a simple arrangement of bass, acoustic guitar, and drums with tasteful electric and slide guitar stylings.  The chorus tells the story:

We have tough breaks
We have people to face
We have time before you have to feel that again
We have fire on our burned skin
And it will heal before you have to feel that again
I will help you mend

If you appreciate well crafted music as much as I do, please check Bobby Long out.  He represents singer/songwriting craft at an enlightened level.

Click Here to watch him perform an acoustic version of the song earlier this year in Germany.

Click Here to listen to the album version.