Let's Have A Kiki - Scissor Sisters

from the album Magic Hour (2012)

As we roll into March, I plan to spend the remainder of the year focused exclusively on the songs of 2013.  However, as a final farewell, I would like to celebrate one last great tune from 2012 ... Let's Have A Kiki.

I find this dance number, from NYC club scene groovotees Scissor Sisters, to be irresistible.  This song has spent countless hours bouncing around my brain.  It is one of those fun records that allows you to "live in the moment," a trait of all great dance hits.

As the lyrics advise "A kiki is a party," and this is certainly a party song, with more hooks than a Peter Pan audition.  The two that grab me most are the tom tom rhythms and the central vocal line of "Let's Have A Kiki."  Rather than get too granular, I simply ask you to "lock the doors, lower the blinds, & fire up the smoke machine."

Click Here for the music video.  I dig that it is recorded in one continuous shot with zero edits.  How cool.


  1. You are funny. These guys have come a ways since the more mainstream Take Your Mama, which I originally thought was Elton John (gasp) and lives on one of my playlists. (Speaking of Sir Elton...did ya know he slapped tbe drummer of The Lumineers at the Grammys??)

    A smoke machine...hmmm...I have a 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Do ya think...?


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