Mellow Mood - Arise Roots

from the album Moving Forward (2013)

I dig downtempo roots reggae jams.

Last night, I was stuck in a middle seat on a flight home from the other coast.  The dude to my left was bigger than me, and the chick to my right decided it was an appropriate time to do her nails. Times like these call for strapping on the noise-canceling coconut shells, putting on my playlist of new reggae tunes, and finding zen in the third-world of domestic air travel.

It took a while to kick in, but the song that finally got me there was Mellow Mood from Arise Roots.  The relaxed reggae tempo instantly slowed me down and began to wash the stress away.  The hypnotic rhythms opened up my mind, allowing me to dream beyond seat 34E of my winged toothpaste tube.  Then enter the first verse:

Chillin' on a lazy afternoon
Natural vibes filling up the room
And I'm feeling so high
And not a care in my mind
Not thinking about my job, no way
Don't even care about the time of day
Cause I'm feeling so right
Soaking up all the sunshine
I'm in a mellow mood, yeah
I'm in a mellow mood

I closed my eyes and listened to this song, over and over, before returning to the rest of the playlist.  A few hours later, I was home with my glass of wine, in a mellow mood.  Songs that have this effect are precious to me.  Thanks to Arise Roots for this tune.

Click Here to listen to Mellow Mood on Amazon.  This song is too new to show up anywhere else.

Click Here to view the music video for Moving Forward, the title track of their new album.

Click Here to view a video on the making of the album Moving Forward.


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