New Girl - The Lion

from the album This Generation (2013)

Nothing like a good reggae vibe.  It is sad when your life is running at such a hectic pace that you cannot easily fall into its rhythms. Unfortunately, that is where me head has been all too often lately.

So when I first heard New Girl by Los Angeles reggae outfit The Lion a few weeks ago, I said to myself "Check out those sweet horns and relaxed beat, I need to spin this tune for my funky friends."  However, I've been perpetually on the road these days, unable to chill with the funky folk and wound so tight that music is effectively background noise.

That all changed tonight.  After some good mexican at the Blue Goose and cocktails in the lobby of my Dallas hotel, I settled into my room and put on a playlist of new songs I've been digging.  When New Girl took her turn in the mix, I took the whole tune in.   What a glorious instrumental it is.

The horn melody is as refreshing as a plunge into a cool mountain lake, sucking the tension and frustration for every muscle and leaving you relaxed and loose.  Beneath it, the beat is crisp and tightly coiled, yet laid back enough to give you that sense you are at a late 60's Jamaican cocktail party.

Once your head is in the right place, this song is perfect to chill out to and get lost in the sound.

Click Here to listen to the album version.

Click Here  to watch a live version from 2010 that has vocals.  These cats lay down some mellifluous harmonies.