New Town Velocity - Johnny Marr

from the album The Messenger (2013)

Left home a mystery
Leave school for poetry
I say goodbye to them and me
Mission Velocity

In a recent interview with Mojo, Johnny Marr explained that New Town Velocity was a late addition to his new album The Messenger. He explained "I felt the picture I wanted to create of myself was incomplete.  It needed something else, the idea of ... romantic idealism."

This song tells the story of that decisive moment when young Johnny Marr leaves his home to find his way in the brutal world of rock and roll.  In his case, it has a happy ending.

Starting with a familiar guitar introduction, extending about a minute, the listener is transported back to the days when The Smiths and The Cure ruled alternative radio.  All the tones are there. So are the arrangements and production.  It is great to hear Johnny Marr making new music.  His chords strike chords that have both a nostalgic and current ring.  I enjoy that.

Click Here to listen to the album version.

Click Here to watch Johnny Marr discuss playing a Fender Jaguar and demonstrating how he gets some of his classic tones, including the intro to How Soon Is Now.


  1. I have a message for Johnny Marr re: his latest record just released...

    Dear Mr. Marr,

    Shut up and take my money.

    Thank you.


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