The Fall - Rhye

from the album Woman (2013)

There is considerable hubbub surrounding Woman, the new album by Rhye, because their effeminate lead vocals are actually "sung by a dude."  So what.  These are magnificent recordings that blur the line between today's electronic and yesterday's disco and R&B stylings, creating a sultry, sophisticated vibe that is destined to find its way into clubs and living rooms everywhere.

The Fall is the song I dig most.  It hooks me with a syncopated piano track that reminds me of the '70's disco hit More, More, More balanced by a crisp, electronic dance beat.  Thru this foundation, Mike Milosh winds his incredible, countertenor vocals creating a three-headed serpent that is rich in texture and tone.

The beat, piano, and vocals are supported by a collection of musical embellishments that are masterfully arranged.  They complete the vibe and recording with an understated grace.  The trumpet and string tracks stand out for me.

I am unaware of any recent dance song that matches the modern disco vibe of The Fall.

Click Here to watch the music video for The Fall.

Click Here to watch a 1970's promo video of More, More, More by Andrea True Connection.  This song raised eyebrows when it was released because Andrea True was a former porn star.