Wild Side - Son Volt

from the album Honky Tonk (2013)

On nights when I unwind, I find myself with a glass of alcohol, listening to one of a handful of artists, and losing myself in their music.  Jay Farrar is one of those artists.  His lyrics, his voice, and the space between his notes speaks to me like few others.  If I were ever forced to name my favorite song of all time, it would likely be Son Volt's Tear Stained Eye.  I find his music that special.

So when his new album, Honky Tonk, was released this week, I picked it up and jumped right in.  I dig it because the classic country vibe lets the stark lyrical images fill my mind while great musicians quietly blow me away.  It also lets me fully appreciate Jay Farrar's voice, as he sings the chorus to Wild Side:

You're on the Wild Side
It's where you'll always be
You're living proof that there's grace in this world
On the wild side living free

Behind these words are incredible tracks.  Every instrument is played with beauty and restraint.  The pedal steel solo gives me chills.  The drum beat invisibly controls the tempo with soft brushes on a snare.  I also dig how the strumming of the acoustic guitar was expertly recorded.  It is all there.

Can't wait to see these songs played live.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Wild Side.

Click Here to watch Son Volt perform Tear Stained Eye on Austin City Limits in 1996.