Alice - Dick Diver

from the album Calendar Days (2013)

Dick Diver are a four-piece band from Melbourne, Australia.  Their new album, Calendar Days, is my favorite record of 2013, so far.  I was curious about the origin of the band's name and did a little research.  I came up with two plausible answers:

1.  Dick Diver was the tragic hero in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel Tender Is The Night.

2.  Dick Diving is a slang term for a person who passes out in a chair with their chin falling forward into their chest.

If anyone knows the actual origins, please share.

I really like the song Alice off of Calendar Days.  It has a beautiful, raw vibe wrapped a sensible and intelligent indie package.  The guitars, bass, and drums are played with a looseness and familiarity that makes you feel like your hangin' out in their rehearsal space.  I dig how the rhythm guitar is so locked into the drumming and bass groove.  Listen to how the strum of the guitar lands so perfectly with the snare.

I also dig the vocals.  The lead singer is relaxed, singing a story into his microphone.  Then comes the breakdown, where his band mates chime in and you think your listening to an old Robyn Hitchcock record.

If you like Alice, check out some of the other great songs on this record.  I recommend Calendar Days, Lime Green Shirt, Gap Life, and Bondi '98.  They all keep growing on me.

Click Here to listen to album version of Alice on SoundCloud.

Click Here to watch Alice performed live at The East Brunswick Club, just outside of Melbourne.


  1. The name of the band is taken from the F. Scott Fitzgerald book "Tender is the Night" .
    Both of the band co-founders, Rupert Edwards and Alistair McKay were English Literature students both at school and at university. They agreed that "Tender is the Night" is one of their favourite books and chose the name because they wanted the band name to sound like a real person naively without considering the somewhat pornographic meaning that many rock journalists attributed to the band in it's early days, way back in 2008/9.


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