Baby Doe - The Black Lillies

from the album Runaway Freeway Blues (2013)

I am always cautious when comparing a newer artist to a former legend.  It is unfair to place too high an expectation on emerging talent.  In baseball, the past fifty years are littered with players who were labeled "the next Mickey Mantle."  In reality, there was only one Mickey Mantle and those comparisons were a disservice to some really good ballplayers.

However, when I came across the song Baby Doe by The Black Lillies, I was struck by just how good the song and band are and have decided to throw caution to the wind.

The introduction to this song, with its country beat and rag-tag horn arrangement, evokes the spirit of The Band.  When the lead vocals enter, echos of Elton John fill my mind.  Elton John singing for The Band?  How crazy is that?

When I listen to this song, I crank up the volume and try to sing along.  It fills me with the same joy that I get when Elton sings Elderberry Wine or The Band play Ophelia.  The songwriting, the vocals, the musicianship, and the recording quality are all there.

Could The Black Lillies be the next Mickey Mantle?  I sure hope so.

Click Here to watch The Black Lillies play Baby Doe live at a bar in Ohio.