Ganesha (Sound The Horn Instrumental) - MC Yogi

from the album Pilgrimage: Instrumentals (2013)

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to spend three weeks in Mumbai.  My favorite hobby was jumping into the front seat of a little, yellow taxi and shooting video of the ride.  I have over twelve hours of mad footage of cars, bicycles, oxen, and lots of people trying to get to Point B.  Along the way, I captured scenes that speak volumes to a time and place.

The other great thing about these taxi rides was getting the cabbies to share their favorite songs along the drive.  They would always start by playing tunes they thought I might like, but after urging them to "play the stuff you listen to when nobody else is in the car," they would get my drift.  It was during these drives that I was turned-on to a world of hip, young, exciting music that I never knew existed.

Soon after returning to my little corner of the world, there was a big party at my house.  Aside from the homemade Indian food, I played the video to a soundtrack of the cabbie tunes.  People could not stop watching.  The combination of video and music completely captivated my funky friends.

MC Yogi is an artist I knew before my trip.  Knowing him earned me cred with the cabbies.  His song Be The Change, which inspires listeners to follow the example of Gandi and stand-up for what they believe in, is one of the best marriages of music and message that I know.

MC Yogi's latest record is a collection of instrumentals.  My favorite is Ganesha.  The song has a big beat with rhythm guitar accents on 2 & 4 giving it the feel over a dancehall reggae club mix.  From there it takes an eclectic turn that creates this exotic club vibe.  The instruments are led by a descending sitar riff, heavy organ, and a powerhouse horn section.  The result is something you might find on Side 5 of Sandinista or coming out of Electric Cowbell Records in Brooklyn.  Either way, I'm sold.

Do yourself a big favor, download this song, catch a flight to Mumbai, grab a cab, and crank this tune as you ride past the incredible people and sights.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Ganesha.  Note that this version has lyrics.

Click Here to watch the official video to Be The Change.