Hate The Taste - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

from the album Specter At The Feast (2013)

Spring.  When a young man's fancy turns towards rock and roll.

I dig those first warm days of spring, when you roll down the windows and crank out the tunes.  For me, these are the times when nothing beats a hard-rockin' band.  So when warm sunshine invaded my little corner of the world this week, I listened to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club... really loud.

Hate The Taste is a song from their new album - Specter At The Feast - that causes me to continually hit the back button.  The opening guitar riff sounds real good on my stereo, as do the clicking drumsticks.  I turn it up.  Enter the vocals, with a lyrical line closely following the riff.  After a verse and chorus, wham, here come the bass, drums, and fuzzed-out guitar playing full-tilt.

Late in the song, the band delivers the mantra "I want to ride with you."  With each repetition of the line, the speedometer inches higher.  Before I know it, I miss my exit and am barreling out of town, headed for The Land of the Mutant Banjo Pickers.  When the song ends, I slow down, take a deep breath, and turn around.  A few minutes later, I'm playing it again.

This is my favorite time of the year.

Click Here to listen to the song put to some interesting footage.

Click Here for a live version recorded a few weeks ago in Milan, Italy.