Lazy Sunny Days - The Parlotones

from the EP Shake It Up (2013)

The Parlotones are an indie band from Johannesburg, South Africa. Over the past few years, they have released several memorable recordings, gaining them acclaim throughout their homeland.  A few months ago, they set sail for larger success and relocated to Los Angeles.

On their new EP, Shake It Up, I really dig the song Lazy Sunny Days.  The song catches a late '80's / early '90's alternative radio vibe that I quite enjoy.

The steady beat and sustained synthesizer introduction instantly lock you into the vibe.  This sets the stage for the vocals of Kahn Morbee.  His voice has the ability to deliver soaring anthems, making it perfect for this song.  The guitar playing also stands out and does the tightness of the band and the production.  But for me, this song is all about the vocals and vibe.

One of my funky friends will be catching an early evening acoustic show they are putting on for Play Networks in The Foundation Room at the House of Blues in Chicago this Tuesday.  Later that night they are performing in full regalia at Schuba's Tavern.  I wish I could be at the House of Blues show.  I would love to hear Kahn Morbee sing in this setting.

Click Here to watch them perform live with the full band

Click Here to watch them perform acoustically at a radio station event.