Lightning Bolt - Jake Bugg

from the album Jake Bugg (2013)

I have always paid attention to how the first sentence of a great novel is often great.  It is also true that the first track on a great band's first record is often great.  These songs tend to make definitive opening statements, saying to the world: "Here we are. Take Notice."  Some of my favorite examples include:

Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones
Break On Thru - The Doors
Running With The Devil - Van Halen
Janie Jones - The Clash
Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin

So when I heard Lightning Bolt, the lead song off this nineteen year-old Brit's debut album, I took notice.  It has a fresh, raw, folked-up rockabilly vibe.  I dig how the song captures a sound that you might classify as "Eddie Cochran meets a young Bob Dylan."

I dig the declaratively strummed guitar chords introducing the artist. Enter his voice with:

Morning.  It's another pure grey morning
Don't know what today is holding
And I get uptight
When I walk right into the path of a lightning bolt

Once the band kicks in, you are treated to a ramblin' rockabilly beat and screamin' guitar lead all anchored by the rhythm guitar and vocal line.  I dig it.

Not to hang any big expectations on Jake Bugg, but he sure knows how to bust out of the gate.

Click Here for the official music video.

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