Metroland - Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark

from the album Electric English (2013)

Back in the 1980's, Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark created some of the most memorable melodies of the era.  Few bands of the time had the songwriting chops of this band.  That made all the difference.

I tend to cringe when new wave bands attempt to comeback.  Last year, I saw Adam Ant stuff himself into his pirates outfit and hyperventilate his way around the stage.  It only served to make me feel older than I care to.

In the case of OMD, I actually looked forward towards the new record.  These guys possess a talent and craftsmanship that only matures with age.  Released without the hype of the recent Depeche Mode album, this record does not disappoint.

My favorite track is Metroland.  The tempo, the melody, and the songwriting are all spot on.  I particularly dig how the song has an extended instrumental introduction, with the vocals entering at 1 minute 40 seconds into the song.  This gives you a chance to absorb the nostalgic tones and lose yourself in the vibe.  The songwriting also has an understated elegance to it.  This helps keep the vibe fresh.  It is a subtle element of craft that makes this band special.

OMD is like a fine wine, with synthesizers and drum machines.

Click Here to watch OMD perform Metroland live at Coachella this weekend.

Click Here for a preview of the entire new album.

Click Here for an interview with the band conducted at Coachella.


  1. They sound as great as ever and have aged it.

    BTW...the future of this music is intact, I think. My 18 year old son comes to me the other day to ask who sang "I Just Can't Get Enough" and now has the Depeche Mode channel on Pandora. I overheard him telling his friend about them. little apple didn't fall far...

  2. Horray for your son. There is hope for the future!!!

    Good job Mama.


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