Pour A Little Poison - David Ford

from the album Charge (2013)

Once upon a time, I had a budding obsession with painting.  Eager to unlock the secrets to success, I consulted with my uncle, who is an artist in NYC.  Despite the decades that have past, I still remember every detail of that discussion.

He spoke about the beauty of imperfection.  He advised me not to try painting in any particular style, but to "paint it true", and that my style would emerge in my imperfection.  He was so right.  As I painted piece after piece, I found my voice in my imperfection.  I then learned how to exploit it and create works that were instantly recognizable as my own.

This lesson also applies to music and is most recognizable in vocalists.  For example, the reason I prefer Rod Stewart to Anne Murray is the imperfection in his tone.  Great artists find a deeper truth by exploiting their imperfections.  Johnny Cash found that his imperfection gave his lyrics authenticity.  Of all the versions of Ring Of Fire you will ever hear, none will compare with his original version for this reason.

When I first stumbled across British singer/songwriter David Ford, I was instantly struck by his talent.  He is so good that he caused me think of my uncle and look for the imperfection.  It is hard to find, but it must be there...

I dig the song Pour A Little Poison from his latest album.  I am hooked by the opening harmonica and claps.  The vocals and and loose feel of the band over a catchy melody carry me along.  The song makes me feel good.  It is well written and well produced.  It might remind some of my friends of early tunes by The BoDeans.

Please think about the beauty in imperfection.  It brings character and meaning to life.  Like the bump on a pretty girl's nose that makes her even prettier.

Click Here to watch the official video of the lyrics.

Click Here to watch his band open a set with this tune a few weeks ago in England.