Too High For The Love-In - Camper Van Beethoven

from the album La Costa Perdida (2013)

Nothing like a trip to Vegas to disconnect you from current events. The only news from the outside world that caught my ear this week was that Louisville won the NCAA Championship and "Little Kim" is threatening to nuke his neighbors.  A cab driver was talkin' Obama one night, but I was pretty zoned out.

So, I board a cross-country flight tonight, strap on the noise canceling coconut shells, put on a jamming playlist of new tunes, and lose myself in a book about some Silicon Valley dudes who sleep less than I do.

Eighty pages later, the flight attendants are prepping the cabin for landing.  I check out the time and they seem to be premature.  A voice from the cockpit is addressing the passengers, but the tunes are too good for me to turn it down and listen.  Soon after, we hit some stiff turbulence.

With the plane rocking, the song Too High For The Love-In comes on.  I put the iPad on eleven.  The intro guitar is well suited for the shakin' plane.  Then enter the maniacal female vocals and the opening lines:

I was too high for the love-in
I fell asleep at the drive-in

The shakin' plane gets more intense.  I listen to the song over and over for the next twenty-five minutes.  I haven't had this much fun listening to Camper Van Beethoven since I first bopped to Take The Skinheads Bowling.  Somewhere along the way, overhead compartments are busting open and I heard a few yelps and screams.

A little over three minutes into the song, the band repeats the line "Flying Ambulance."  You could not script a more appropriate lyric.  Aaah, the joys of air travel...

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