Your Life Your Call - Junip

from the album Junip (2013)

I always enjoy when a song has a catchy lyric that is applies to my own world.  I particularly dig it when these lines offer guidance to the people in my life.  Earlier this year, the band Big Harp had a great song entitled "You Can't Save Them All" which I reveled in singing to my lady friend, in reference to her desire to bring home every stray animal she encounters.

So this week, the Swedish band Junip released the song Your Life Your Call with a lyric that resonates with a bunch of people I know. The chorus goes like this:

It's your life
It's your call
Stand up, or enjoy your fall

But my admiration for this tune goes way beyond the lyric.  The simple beat and chord progression are easy to fall into.  Coupled with the cool guitar and synthesizer tones this song creates a melodic, chill vibe that is suitable for any mindless activity.  The song also has a great aural presence.  I am cranking it out on my back deck as I type, and it just sounds great.  Hats off to the producer.

Lastly, this song features the vocals of Jose Gonzalez.  Better known for his solo work, Jose is a founding member of Junip.  There is an effortless quality to his voice that makes every song he sings that much better.

So, I really want to take an architectural road trip to Malmo, Sweden to see Santiago Calvatrava's skyscraper Turning Torso.  I imagine myself coming across from Copenhagen on a hovercraft, with the building getting larger the closer I get.  This would be the perfect song to listen to during that ride.  I hope I can take it soon.

Click Here to watch the official video to this song.