Ana's Shuffle - Ana Popović

from the album Can You Stand The Heat (2013)

Ana Popović is a 37-year old blues singer/guitarist from Serbia who now call Nashville, Tennessee home.  She has the lead guitar chops to match licks with just about anybody.

In the fall of 2010, I caught her at the Russian River Blues Festival in Guerneville, California opening for headliners B.B. King and Buddy Guy.  At the end of Buddy Guy's set, she joined other undercard performers on stage for the finale.  At one point, Buddy Guy plays a great lead, but isn't laying it all out there the way he did in younger days.  Ana Popović follows with a blistering solo.  At one point, Buddy Guy looks over at her with a "this bitch is showing me up" look on his face.  Buddy Guy then enters with a solo that blew the roof off the sky.

So, Ana Popović is good enough to make Buddy Guy dig in and play hard.  There was no doubt about it.

Ana's Shuffle is an instrumental off of her latest release that shows off her guitar skills.  The hard, honky-tonk blues shuffle beat with driving bass and keyboards is perfect for her to go off on.  The beauty of this song is how after the first trip round the chord progression, she lays back for a Hammond Organ interlude, and WHAM, she jumps back it taking the song higher and higher.

By the end of the song, I am fully digging every cylinder of this band.  The drum accents and piano chords particularly get me going.  I also dig how locked in the bass player is.

This song is a good summer rocker for your next blues barbeque.

Click Here to watch this song performed live at Callahan's Music Saloon in Auburn Hills, Michigan last month.