Hawaiian Grind Boogie - La Tarantella

from the single Hawaiian Grind Boogie (2013)

Just after sunrise this morning, I got in my rental car and drove on the coastal roads between Hilo and the Volcanos on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Awesome drive thru Mango Forests and rocky coast lines.  As the waves were getting bigger, I saw a bunch of vehicles parked near a marina.  There it was ... surf heaven.

I sat on the hood of the car and watched a couple of dozen surfers navigate the nasty chop and rocks.  It was exhilarating.

The perfect song for this occasion is Hawaiian Grind Boogie by La Tarantella.  This six-piece surf band from Sydney, Australia lays down their surf with the hard edge that these waves deserved.  I really dig how they mix classic '60's surf stylings with a nasty, modern bite.

If you dig monster riffs and tones as much as I do, with some throaty sax thrown in, then you need to check this tune out.

Click Here to take a listen on SoundCloud.