Losing Game - La Santa Cecilia

from the album Treinta Días (2013)

Have you ever run into someone you know in a place that is wildly different from the place where you know them from?  For me, I tend to get a little freaked out at first.  Then I settle into "okay, this can be cool,"  Unless, of course, I decide to ditch the interloper.

Tonight, I found myself in a curiously latin mood.  I was speaking with a strange accent and dancing oddly to the perverse rhythms of my mind. This soon graduated into cocktails on the back deck.  I fired up the stereo and put on Treinta Días by La Santa Cecilia.  I really dig this Los Angeles band for figuring out how to create a latin vibe that I can identify with.  They infuse elements of tango, bolero and bossa nova while still projecting a hipster-lounge edge that you might find at the coolest club in your city.

Track six is a song called Losing Game.  It is the only english-language track on the album.  The accordion introduction is loaded with rich tones over a sensual latin beat.  Then enter La Marisoul, singing like a vampy chanteuse.  Joining in is a piano that sparingly lays down great sounding chords delivered with a percussive punch that perfectly accents the flowing rhythms.

Soon we venture into the chorus.  La Marisoul sings "Why do we play this losing game..."  It sounds great.

Then the second verse starts, and the singer is ... Elvis Costello. Who let Elvis on my deck?  At first, I'm a little freaked out, then I listen and say "okay this can be cool."  And it is.  With a simple change in vocalist, this went from the perfect La Marisoul song to the perfect Elvis Costello song.  Then they sing together and it becomes something else.  I really dig a song with this many surprises.

I never expected to find Elvis Costello in the middle of my latin moment, but I am very glad that I did.  The combination of Elvis and La Santa Cecilia is magical.  Glad I found it.

Click Here to watch a live rendition performed at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California.  No Elvis.

Click Here to watch La Marisoul join Elvis Costello on stage for a cool version of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.


  1. Just goes to show you that all is right when Elvis is in the house...

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