Marshal Dear - Savages

from the album Silence Yourself (2013)

I am always fascinated to listen to a band's debut album.  It is their statement to the world saying "This is who we are, so listen up."

My favorite debut album is The Doors eponymous release.  The record opens with Break On Through (To The Other Side) which is a definitive statement on what this band hoped to accomplish.  As the record unfolds, the listener is introduced to Light My Fire, Back Door Man, and The Alabama Song.  That alone makes it one of the greatest debuts in rock.  But then there is the closing track - The End - where the band takes eleven and a half minutes to blow your mind and foreshadow what was yet to come.

Savages debut release - Silence Yourself - is a stellar record.  With its opening track - Shut Up - we are introduced to a band that lays down a groove reminiscent of the Gang Of Four and early U2, with vocals that come closer to Patti Smith than anyone in recent memory.  It blows me away.  Add to it that this is an all-female band and my admiration climbs even higher.  Each subsequent track amazes.

Of particular note is bassist Ayse Hassan.  Her tone and pulsing bass lines make me want to grab the nearest Fender Jazz and play like her.  She is outstanding.

My favorite track on the album is the closer, Marshal Dear.  Like with The Doors record, I am exhausted by the time I get to the finale.  And like The Doors, Savages take this opportunity to shift gears and offer a glimpse of things to come.  This is accomplished with the addition of a piano adding moody minor chords and a downtempo cadenced drum beat.  This vibe heightens my respect for the vocals and lyrics of Jehnny Beth.  But the ultimate surprise comes with a closing clarinet solo with fat tones that perfectly blend with the vibe.  What a way to close this record.

I dig this debut album beyond any other in recent memory.  You really need to check this out.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Marshall Dear.

Click Here to watch Savages perform Shut Up, the opening track from Silence Yourself.  It was recorded at The Lexington in their hometown of London.

Click Here to watch Savages perform Husbands (also from Silence Yourself) at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.



    I love them.

    That bassist is a-maze-ing.

    1. Theresa, I knew you would like them. They sound like real a real band, where they play together instead of everyone simply "playing their part". And how cool is that clarinet solo? I keep listening to it.

    2. I can't stop watching the video- the lead singer is awesome. So unlike other female groups. (I told you I am picky when it comes to chick groups...) And they are really cohesive....I'd love to see them play.


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