One Million Lovers - The Growlers

from the album Hung At Heart (2013)

Beach Goth ... What took so long?

When I first heard the phrase, I was torn between images of Brian Wilson's black finger-nailed grandson reenacting scenes from Surf Nazis Must Die and images of The Sisters Of Mercy slappin' on the sunscreen and cruisin' the beach for girls with dolphin tattoos.

Actually, I dig the whole Beach Goth thing.  So much great music has come from Southern California, why shouldn't it keep springing up new stuff.  Beach Goth borrows the reverb and drum rhythms of surf, tempers it with Goth's somber lyrics and tones, and adds its own fresh vibe that is very well suited for beach dwellers in places like Laguna Beach and Dana Point.

One Million Lovers is a song by The Growlers that makes the perfect kickoff to your trippy summer.  It is quite an interesting song to dissect, with a central "carnival like" keyboard track holding up the verses with guitars and a memorable melody line supporting the chorus.  But if you listen real close, it is actually the bass and drums that give the song its buoyancy.

The bass player employs quarter notes to create a line that perfectly offsets the keyboard track as the drummer fills the empty space with a splashy hi-hat and other tricks.  It is a very clever approach towards creating the carnival groove.

In the end, The Growlers make excellent music that I enjoy listening to.  Although I grew up on a distant beach in a distant time, I can easily relate with this.

Click Here to listen to the album version of One Million Lovers.

Click Here to watch a live version from earlier this year.