Partners In Crime - Lucinda Williams

from the single Songs For Slim: Partners In Crime / Nowheres Near (2013)

Slim Dunlap is a guitarist based in the Twin Cities area.  He is best known as "The Replacement Replacement," taking over the guitar playing duties for The Replacements after their original guitarist left the band with drug and alcohol issues.

Following the band's break-up, he released two mid-90's solo albums that contained some great songwriting and performances.  If you have the chance, check out his albums The Old New Me and Time Like This.

In 2012, Slim Dunlap suffered a massive stroke and will likely require continual care from here on out. Slim did not have adequate health insurance to cover his circumstances.  This is a sad fate that belies many working musicians.

Fortunately, many of his musician friends have rallied to his support.  They are releasing a series of singles covering Slim's songs with the proceeds helping cover his costs.  Just this week, Jakob Dylan released a a cover of Ain't No Fair (In A Rock 'n Roll Love Affair) that includes John Doe on backing vocals.

Earlier this year, Lucinda Williams released a version of one of my favorite Slim Dunlap songs, Partners In Crime.  I dig anything Lucinda Williams sings.  Her voice and attitude are the perfect accompaniment for my all too frequent long hauls on the interstates.  I fondly remember driving across eastern Montana singing Car Wheels On a Gravel Road at the top of my lungs.

But this blog entry is all about helping Slim.  Download a "Song For Slim" and help a musician in need.  Good Music.  Good Karma.

Click Here to listen to Slim Dunlap's original version of Partners In Crime.  He has claimed that his two major influences are Hank Williams and Keith Richards.  You can really here it on this song.

Click Here to learn more about Songs For Slim.


  1. I will check this out, not because I really like Lucinda Williams (and I do- she gets a lot of airplay here) but because I have witnessed first hand this scenario. My cousin-in-law is Steve "Woody" Woodruff, former (replacement, also) guitarist for Shadows of Night, and suffered this same fate, 5 years ago this month. He is in a nursing home, not for the lack of my amazing cousin's attempts at rehabbing him herself, but that it is that devastating a situation. Everyone, please remember-- FAST-- F for Face- ask a person to smile and if their smile is asymmetrical, call 911- A is for arms- if they can't raise their arms above their head ,call 911, S is for Speech- if it slurred or they have trouble comprehending, and T is for time- call immediately.

    Sorry to use your blog for a PSA, but it is still Stroke Awareness Month for another few hours here in Co...:)

    Thanks 40 Watt- and if you ever blog again about "having a smoke"... you thought I might have missed that, huh? Tsk, tsk...

  2. I was so caught up in nurse mode that I forgot to mention how much I ADORE "Alex Chilton" and "I Will Dare"- staples on my music box and ones I cannot help but sing to way too that CD so much.

  3. Theresa, I am taken back that you would take issue with "having a smoke." It was originally edited down from "shooting up."

  4. quit the Hayron, the Scag, the Bombs Away? The White Nurse, the Joy Flakes, the Big H?? I'm impressed! Well then, my bad to come down on you. Just looking out for you, is all.

    Take care. Gotta go grab a smoke.

    1. Yeah, me a The Scag had a thing going on for a while. I hear The White Nurse is trouble!!!

  5. Oh she is, my friend...she sure is.


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