The Jaguar - Neon Neon

from the album Praxis Makes Perfect (2013)

I am currently in Hawaii, spending a few weeks bopping around the islands.  Before heading here, I loaded up on new music and expected to be chilling out to it between adventures.  Oddly, things have not gone according to plan.  Tempo is to blame.

The natural rhythms of these islands run a very relaxed pace. Almost any music I play is too fast-paced for these islands.  Even reggae music has too quick a beat and too hard an edge.

My solution has been to listen to a playlist of native Hawaiian tunes I have amassed from previous trips.  These songs fit perfectly with the local tempo.  And when you listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole sing, life is good.

After ten days of Hawaiian tunes, I need to mix things up.  The music that seems to best hit the mark is 1970's mellow rock mixed in with a bit of Jack Johnson & friends.  But for new music, I remained at a loss.

Then I listened to The Jaguar by Neon Neon.  This song recalls a retro 70's vibe that reminds me of The Alan Parsons Project playing Eye In The Sky mixed with a little Roxy Music.  It is a slick groove that works particularly well driving along rocky coastlines getting spanked by waves that have the most beautiful shades of blue.

This song really does the trick for me.  I hope it does for you.

Click Here to listen to the album version of The Jaguar.