The Tallest Tower In The World - Darcy James Argue's Secret Society

from the album Brooklyn Babylon (2013)

Canadian music composer Darcy James Argue has released a work, titled Brooklyn Babylon, that is one of the most amazing records I have ever heard.

The band for this jazz classic is an 18-piece orchestra that expertly executes the composer's vision and succeeds in capturing, in music, the sound and energy of Brooklyn.

The premise of the record is the construction of the world's tallest building and it becoming a center for all of the diverse people of the borough to gather in pride.

The premise actually makes a lot of sense.  With Mayor Bloomberg lifting zoning restrictions that prohibited skyscrapers and the beautiful patchwork of world cultures that constitute Brooklyn, it is the logical place for this to happen.

But this record is all about the music.  It is a tour de force, leading us thru the jazz age to our current times.  In the record you hear everything from Souza-esque marching bands to soaring saxophone solos that reminds you of Coltrane, all contributing seamlessly to this work.

The song I dig most is The Tallest Building In The World, which is a musical explosion signifying the achievement of its creation.  However, this record must be listened to in it's entirety.  I also believe that it must be heard live.

As incredible as it is to listen to the record, it must be even more inspiring to hear it live.  I will travel anywhere to see a live performance.