Hey Love - Quadron

from the album Avalanche (2013)

Have you ever had day that started out great, only to have it spiral downward, deeper and deeper, until you are in a profoundly dark funk?

Welcome to June 11, 2013!  Hard to believe that this day started out with a swim at Manhattan Beach.

Fast forward to late night in Room 625 of a nondescript hotel room, somewhere in the Hilton Honors program.  I am trying everything to snap out of this.  Hours pass.  2AM.  I am spinning empty wine bottles, listening to dance tunes.

Hey Love by Quadron plays.  Each time the chorus kicks in, I zone into the piano track.  There is something special about it that I can't put my finger on.  I take another listen, turning up the volume, repeating the process several times.  I get hooked by the hooks. The beat, the melody, and that piano track.

I need to know more about this song.  Wikipedia tells me that "Quadron is a Danish duo consisting of Coco O. and Robin Hannibal.  The group calls itself and the music they provide, electronic soul."  That explains it.

Robin Hannibal's other band is Rhye, whose album Woman is certainly one of the highlights of 2013.  It is his handy work on the piano and behind all the other instrumentation on this record.  I dig his talent.  As I watch the You Tube video, I increasingly dig Coco O.  She seems more down to earth than your typical dancehall chanteuse.  I'm guessing that she would fit in with my funky friends. They can be a tough crowd to crack.

Thank you Quadron for snapping me out of this funk.  Thanks too to the guest in Room 627 for not complaining, and almost certainly waking up with a Danish electronic soul song in their head.

Click Here to watch the music video for Hey Love.

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