Prudence (E's E NYCTrust Mix) - Cheick Hamala Diabate

from the EP Prudence (Remixes) (2013)

I really dig the significance of Global Collaboration in music.  The internet and affordable recording software not only allows artists to overcome distance to extend their reach, it allows them to collaborate with other musicians, globally.

If you consider that most musical movements are created at the intersection of preceding genres, then you can rationalize that our whiz-bang technology will result in a greater number of new musical combinations.  I believe that this is leading us into a golden age of music.

A great example of this is the EP Prudence (Remixes) by Cheick Hamala Diabate.

Hailing from the West African nation of Mali, he became a world-class master of the n'goni, a small stringed instrument often made of wood and goat skin that has been a staple of african music for over 600 years.  Today, he lives in the Washington DC area, where he is focused on combining his traditional West African music with modern electronic styles.  This has resulted in new possibilities and new listeners.

The EP contains five versions of the song Prudence:  the original version plus four remixes each created by a different DJ.  It amazes me how different each version sounds.  I usually find it difficult to listen to the repetitiveness of this type of collection, but here every version sounds fresh and unique.  It is a credit to the song and to the diversity in collaborators chosen for this project.

My favorite is the E's E NYCTrust Mix.  E's E is a DJ from Brooklyn who I particularly dig.  I am a big fan of BrooklynRadio.Com, where his programs always attract my ear.

On this mix, funky piano accents, guitar rhythms, a great trumpet track, and a club beat meld with the West African foundation to create something fresh and new.  It is something that I imagine hearing at the Thom Bar in the 60 Thompson Hotel in SoHo (this is one of my favorite lounges to enjoy a cocktail and get turned on to new music.  The DJs there stellar).

It is so cool to live in a world where Cheick Hamala Diabate and E's E can come together and create music that would not have been possible ten years ago.  Viva La Future !!!

Click Here to listen to a segment of the song from Cheick Hamala Diabate's website.

Click Here to find NYC Trust's page on the Brooklyn Radio website.  On this page, you can listen to several E's E DJ mixes.  I recommend the Lover's Rock Special.

Click Here for a webpage to the Thom Bar in NYC.  I really dig this place.