So Good At Being In Trouble - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

from the album II (2013)

Listen to this song and dig its burnt, funky vibe.  Along the way, you might particularly groove on:

-->  The tone of the guitar as it runs down the signature riff.  The way it exudes funk while remaining understated makes me smile.

-->  The sound of the drum kit.  There is a dead thud to the drums that makes it sound like it was recorded in your hippie friend's living room.  I am so over the big bounce of rock drumming that sounds like it was recorded in a racquetball court.  The drummer also lays off the cymbals.  I dig that too.

-->  The bass player establishes and maintains the groove while remaining almost invisible.  Root, 5ths, and 8ths.  Keeps is simple and low-key.  But the way the octaves get used gives the song a loftiness that the vocals really float atop.

-->  The rasp of the singer's voice.  It's got a sun-drenched soul that makes me want to sing along.  Particularly the chorus.

-->  The total package.  When you check out how this tune all comes together, it is really quite hip.  Hats off to the songwriter, the band, and the studio folk.  A great job.

So I just got home from a drive on Highway 29, soaking up the sunshine with the top down, grooving to this song repeatedly in a mix that contains other great new songs, from artists like Kurt Vile.  This tune got me in the right frame of mind to chill out, get some sleep, and start the grind on Monday.

Click Here to watch the music video to So Good At Being In Trouble.  Beautifully shot in Venice Beach.