To Leave Something Behind - Sean Rowe

from the single To Leave Something Behind (2013)

When I first came across Sean Rowe in late 2012, I was instantly attracted to his rich baritone voice and its ability to deliver a rock and roll song with a rockabilly sensibility  His song Downwind quickly found its way into my regular rotation.

This week, I saw that he released a new song - To Leave Something Behind - and was quick to give it a spin.  In the first listen, I gained a whole new appreciation for this artist.  His ability to sing a folk tune is phenomenal.

To Leave Something Behind is a passionate message to his son, attempting to share the wisdom he has collected in his own life.  I hang on every lyric:

I cannot say that I know you well
But you can't lie to me with all these books that you sell
I am not trying to follow you to the end of the world
And I'm just trying to leave something behind

Words have come from men and mouse
But I can't help thinking that I've heard the wrong crowd
When all the water is gone my job will be too
And I'm just trying to leave something behind

Oh money is free but love costs more than our bread
And the ceiling is hard to reach
The future ahead is broken and red
But I'm trying to leave something behind

This song strikes at my emotions.  I imagine the song my dad might have sung to me.  Folk Music is one of the most powerful art forms I know.  I only wish there were more people like Sean Rowe out there writing songs of this calibre.

Click Here to watch Sean Rowe perform and discuss To Leave Something Behind on A-Sides with Jon Chattman.

Click Here to watch a performance live at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica that was recorded last August.  I dig the passion in this performance and watch this over and over.

Click Here to read the 40 Watt Gigolo blog post on Downwind by Sean Rowe published in January 2013.


  1. Thanks for this're right, this song really pulls on me emotionally. I heard the song on a soundtrack recently (end credits) and had to search for it. I'll look for some of his other stuff...and look for tabs to play the song at home on my guitar (if it doesn't overcome me)

    1. I've been digging this song for a few years now. When I saw The Accountant, it was great to see how powerful this song came across. I think it was the folk's minimalistic approach to music combined with the power of Sean Rowe's voice (right at the climax). Good luck learning to play this tune...

  2. Thanks for sharing these performances. I too just discovered Sean Rowe from the credits of a recent movie. And I agree complete about folk music! If you haven't yet discovered Glen Hansard, give him a listen. His live recordings will give you chills!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I hope to see Glen Hansard live someday. Last year, I wrote about his cover version of Hold On Magnolia. It is tremendous.

  3. I am so very moved by this song! I also heard it 1st at the movies and had to check out Sean Rowe from there. I'm glad that I ran across this today and these comments also. I have an eclectic taste in music and Folk has a pretty big chunk of my library and I'm proud to add Sean's heartfelt stuff to it. Lol, and now I have a male folk singer/songwriter to go with my favourite female one, Natalie Merchant! Thanx for the suggestions. . .

  4. Excellent song. Excellent artist.
    I have watched the accountant and did not make it to the end credits to hear this song, however I am very lucky to have accidentally stumbled across this song thanks to auto play....
    Definitely going to check out the rest of his work.


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