You Belong To Me - The Boxer Rebellion

from the album Promises (2013)

This week, there was a mass shooting in and around Santa Monica College in Los Angeles.  Sadly about half a dozen people were killed.  When the gunman was in the midst of his campus rampage, The Boxer Rebellion were in the basement of the building for an interview and performance on KCRW, a radio station that I really dig.

Following the incident, the police locked down the building as a crime scene and the band's gear could not be liberated.  As a result, they had to cancel that evening's show at Avalon in Hollywood.  This morning, I was cruising in Santa Monica, listening to KCRW, and looking for a good place to get a torta asada.  The DJ announced that band was in the building retrieving their gear.  Good news.

Of course, this is a senseless tragedy with horrific loss of life that I do not want to trivialize.  However, this may be the craziest "you wouldn't believe what happened on the way to the gig" story I have ever heard.  I have sat in many bars and listened to bands trying to top each other with these kind of stories, but I think this one will be hard to beat.

Fortunately, the gig at Avalon is rescheduled for Tuesday night.  I am trying to score tickets.  The song I want to hear from their new album is You Belong To Me.  The song is a beautiful piano track about loneliness and desire.  I get chills from singer Nathan Nickerson's falsetto as he sings the songs title.  The louder the amplifiers and the sweeter the speakers, the better this song sounds.  I also dig how the band quietly enters, building the song's tension.

I've also heard that this song was used on an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but I don't watch that show.

Click Here to listen to the album version of the song.

Click Here to watch a live version performed earlier this week at The Fillmore in San Francisco.