Cocoa Butter - India.Arie

from the album SongVersation (2013)

Last night, I got bumped up to first-class on my flight out of NYC.  Seated beside me was a beautiful woman in an off-white suit and matching head wrap.  I instantly recognized her as India.Arie.

When she finished up her cell phone conversation, she advised her travel companion across the aisle of a glorious review on RollingStone.Com.  I smiled and gave her a thumbs-up.  Then I shared how Mrs. Gigolo and I fell in love listening to her album Acoustic Soul, some years ago.  She shook her head, said "That is really cool", gave me a high five, and asked for me to "say hello" to Mrs. Gigolo.

She seemed down to earth with a true inner peace.  I dig that.

So this morning I am listening to her new album and the track I'm grooving to most is Cocoa Butter.  It is a sultry soul jam that highlights her gifts as a songwriter and a vocalist.  On top of that, the musicianship and production are perfection.  I particularly dig the steady and crisp drumming.

This song has an amazing late night lover's vibe.  I'm sure there are people falling in love to it right now.

Click Here to watch the official music video.

Click Here to watch a live performance from earlier this year at the Arizona JazzFest.