Gimme The Boots - Mo' Blow

from the album Gimme The Boots (2013)

It seems that every few years a jazz band breaks out with an infectious, funky vibe that reaches beyond the "strictly jazz" crowd.  This is the thread that runs thru songs like Ramsey Lewis' 1965 hit The "In" Crowd and Pick Up The Pieces by the Average White Band in 1975.

Today, it runs thru Gimme The Boots by Mo' Blow.  This Berlin jazz quartet blows me away with the expertness applied to every element of their music.

The song starts with the sound of a didgeridoo, the long, aboriginal wood instrument that creates great long, low tones.  Enter some bright, funky keys and some upper register bass stylings followed by the band proclaiming "Gimme The Boots" and WHAM a crack of the drums and off they go.

This song is simply fun to listen to.  When I am alone, I can dissect the incredible instrumental performances, over and over.  When my funky friends are around,it provides a groovin' backdrop to the funky festivities.  This song can't miss.

Click Here to listen to a small portion of Gimme The Boots on a promotional video for the album.

Click Here to listen to an assortment of vibes laid down by Mo' Blow.


  1. If you close your eyes on this song, you might just find yourself at an Average White Band concert. It's amazing how melodically similar this band sounds to them. But that it is just a complement to to really good chops!

  2. German Funk. Über good.


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