I Heard - Young Fathers

from the album Tape Two (2013)

Young Fathers are a hip-hop trio from Edinburgh, Scotland.  Their new album - Tape Two - contains several songs that I dig, especially the opening track, I Heard.

Rather than the high-gloss, hi-fidelity production of most American hip-hop records, this song lays down a lo-fi, downtempo vibe that I find inviting.  It sounds like some talented folks got together in somebody's bedroom with a computer and some basic gear and struck gold.

I found myself liking this song from the opening beat and synthesizer chords.  But what really hooks me is the chorus:

Inside I'm feeling dirty
Inside I'm feeling dirty
Inside I'm feeling dirty
Only cause I'm hurting

I love signing along with this chorus.  Credit that to the songwriting and performances.  They are stellar.

However, I keep wondering if there is something more?  Could it be that I'm feeling dirty?  If so, what about?  Aside from the lewd and crude, maybe it is because in this life you get called on to do some shitty things?  Is my road to Glocamorra covered in mud?  Eh, enough of that.

I really dig this song and I really love singing along with it.  Without a doubt this is one of my favorite finds of the year.  Give it a try.

Click Here to watch the official music video for I Heard.