Kawaii Dance - The City and Horses

from the album Strange Range (2013)

Over the weekend, I spent some time listening to the album Strange Range by The City and Horses.  It was quite a listen.  What struck me most was the quality of the songwriting.  Their music has an incredible melodic sensibility coupled with an innocence and honesty that I could not help but dig.

The first two songs - Whip and 17 - completely captivated me.  I particularly got a kick out of the catch line to the second song: "The sweetest little thing that I've ever seen / Was you smokin' weed at 17."  This line really put a smile on my face, and it is so damn catchy.

Then I did a bit of research and learned that this Philadelphia outfit is led by a gentleman named Marc.  Marc's day job is as an accomplished musician for children's television, winning awards and getting his songs placed everywhere.  How fascinating is that?  The lines that connect successful children's music and successful indie pop have never been so clear to me.

As I worked my way down the track list, I was grabbed by the song Kawaii Dance.  This song consists largely of synthesizer and keyboard grooves.  What makes them stand out is their underlying melodic mastery and how they combine to create a glorious, uplifting vibe.  Far from children's music this is music designed to let your spirit soar.

Beautifully written, arranged, and recorded, this song is worth checking out.

Click Here to check out the album version of Kawaii Dance.