Living, Loving, Partygoing - Future Bible Heroes

from the album Partygoing (2013)

I recently sat at a traffic light beside some college girls in a BMW convertible.  They had the top down, stereo up, and were singing Ode To Boy at the top of their lungs.  I could not help but smile.

I am tickled pink that 1980's synthesized "new music" has found a new generation.  It is a marvelously inventive style that makes people feel good.  If you ask long-standing fans of the genre why they remain devoted to bands like Erasure or Depeche Mode, they'll likely reply "I just can't get enough."

As a new music junkie, I stumble across bands writing and recording 80's inspired synth-pop almost every day.  Some of it is good, some of it is great, and you never hear it on the radio.  I'm not sure why.   Maybe Molly Ringwald needs to make a new flick.

Just this morning I came across the song Living, Loving, Partygoing by Future Bible Heroes.  This song recalls bands like Yaz and OMD.  I dig it for the vibe and how it makes me feel.  Nothing too deep, just a happy song to leave you "alive and kicking."

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  1. Works for me, of course. I LOVE those girls in the BMW convertible!!

    My son said something interesting the other night- he said he doubts that the new music today, as good as some of it is, will be music people will want in 20 years, other than big names like the Killers. Even the stuff that sounds so good, like this song. I said that I think it's that those old songs by Yaz, New Order, EATB, etc- we didn't just listen to them, but we danced to them in awesome clubs with awesome crowds, we waited to hear them on the radio or see the video, we physically and purposely went to buy the record, and when we got the record, we played it over and over and over...the impact was much larger in the way they infiltrated our lives. But then how do you explain that my 18 year old loves the stuff too, and that 20- something year old girls know the words to Ode to Boy?? What an obscure song to know! No doubt because it's great. There is just something different about it. I don't know what it is. The voices were so unique-Ian McCullough, Martin Frye, Jim Kerr, Dave Gahan, Alison Moyet, Robert Smith, Bernard Sumner...

    But it is great to know our favorites from then are held up today by this new generation. It is very validating. We're not old and stuck in some musical time warp- we just know a good thing when we hear it. And some of this new stuff is so good, I really hope these bands get that same break someday, and maybe make it past college radio.

    Keep finding them for us 40 Watt! I'm sure they appreciate as much as we do.

  2. The BMW girls were also singing Only You.


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