Loving You Down - Bells Atlas

from the album Bells Atlas (2013)

Original vibes.  How many artists truly have them?

Bells Atlas does.  In a music world densely packed with all kinds of genres, this Oakland, California-based band has a natural ability to find their spaces and lay down their groove.

Loosely categorized in the R&B/Soul genre, this band defies pigeonholing, largely thanks to their drummer - Geneva Harrison.  As you listen to this album, you hear a different elements of her incredible chops within each song.  Whether she is laying down a fierce tribal beat, punching out a rhythm on the rim of her snare, or creating a wall of falling water with her cymbal play, you can't help but tune into every choice she makes.  She will remind you how exciting it is to listen to a great drummer.

Loving You Down is the opening number on their sensational self-titled full length debut.  The opening beat grabs you, with mystery keys lurking in the shadows.  Then come the neo-soul vocals of Sandra Lawson-Ndu.  Her lush tone and style is overdubbed and arranged to create a stirring crescendo that abruptly downshifts to introduce the bass groove.  And the song keeps evolving from there...

With each transition we are treated to a new vibe.  How many bands have the ability to throw you this many looks while never losing their essence?  Powerful stuff.

I will be sure to follow this band for years, always eager to hear where they take me to next.

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